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What makes POWERFIN Propellers the best on the market?
Powerfin Propellers are ASTM certified Cert: 2506
  • Carbon Fiber Composite ... built with high grade carbon fiber materials, our props are top quality
  • Lightweight ... our hollow core technology makes our blades the lightest, lowest MOI available
  • Quiet ... both our design and precision balancing makes our props extremely quite with very little vibration
  • Safe & Reliable ... with 20 years of history, our propellers have never been responsible for an aircraft accident
  • Performance ... in 3rd party static thrust tests, our propellers consistently outperform our competitors. Every time
  • Looks ... our beautiful high-gloss finish is sure to make a statement and turn some heads
  • Ground Adjustable Pitch ... optimize your perfmorance any time of year and at any altitude with our fully pitch adjustable blades
  • Replaceable Blades ... if you damage one blade, replace just your damaged blade rather than the entire prop assembly
  • Handcrafted in America ... our blades are proudly 100% handcrafted in America and we take great pride in our work
  • *NEW* Custom Colors ... our blades are available in virtually any color and can be matched to accent colors on your machine
        For a more detailed desciption of our product features, please see our Detailed Product Features page.

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