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From Paul P

For years I have flown ultralights and light sport aircraft, most of them had one or two props, either warp drive or Ivo and a few had the Tennessee wooden prop. It seems that for every engine or make of aircraft a you are trying to match or find the perfect prop for it.

Warp drive is a nice beefy prop but hard on belt drives and some gear boxes. But performance wise seems to be very good. Durability is what makes the WD so nice for just about any terrain. I even had one digest a 12" crescent wrench and survive!

Ivo is light weight and works well with just about any re-drive but flexes way to much especially in some applications where clearance is tight. I do like their pitch change design but beware of off field landings or grass strips as they won't take to big a stone through the prop.

I stubbled across the Powerfin prop one day when I had purchased a Quicksilver Sport 2S. I have never flown one before and this particular set up was on a Rotax 582 with a C-drive. The first thing I noticed was what beautiful prop and well machined hub. And was even more impressed when I started the engine and how quiet it was. It purred so sweet just sitting there idling.I could not wait to test the performance in the air!

The thrust was awesome! I could not believe the push this prop had. I have flown 582's for years in pusher and tractor configuration with several difference props and nothing compared to the performance I was getting out of the POWERFIN. I even had it video taped from the ground. After reviewing the video, I was still in awe of how quiet it sounded even at high RPM. POWERFIN is now my prop of choice for all my aircraft.

Durability wise.... It is what I consider the happy medium between the warp drive and Ivo.

Performance wise, Very quiet, it is rigid enough to give great thrust numbers and tough enough to handle debris going through it and light enough not to tear your gear drives apart. A all around a GREAT prop!!!

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