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       Congratulations on purchasing a POWERFIN propeller. You now own one of the finest carbon fiber composite propellers available for the ultralight and Light Sport Aviation industry. You are responsible to read and apply the information contained in this instruction sheet in order to safely mount and operate your new POWERFIN propeller. Take the time to read through the entire sheet BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO USE THIS PRODUCT. Failure to understand and apply this information could put you at risk of bodily injury and death. Having said that, we are sure you will find that following the assembly directions carefully will allow you to quickly and very easily mount this propeller and set the pitch very accurately. We have made every effort to insure you have received a product that will meet your expectations for years to come. We offer a generous warranty on our propellers. POWERFIN propellers are warranted for one year against any factory or material defect. This warranty however, does NOT cover customer abuses - such as operation in abusive environments, propeller strikes, foreign object strikes, improper assembly, or operations on non-approved applications. In an effort to be certain that no POWERFIN customer ever has to settle for something less than satisfaction, we also have a 60-day, no questions asked return policy. If you are not happy with what you received from POWERFIN, PLEASE return it - in the same condition that you received it - directly to POWERFIN for a full refund. 

Download a PDF version of your Assembly instructions

Download a PDF instructions for Pitching Blades using
our NEW DIGITIAL propeller protractor


    POWERFIN Propellers manufactures Light Sport propeller applications which include UAV, LSA, Ultralight, and Experimental propellers as well as wind energy generating blades.

POWERFIN is dedicated to combining the best of good-ole-American-fashion integrity and innovation with advanced composite technologies.
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