Please download our Prop Recommendation Chart to view the best options for your specific application. These recommendations are for the largest possible propeller blade that is aerodynamically suitable for the engine and reduction gearbox combinations listed.

*The LARGEST possible choice will generally give you the best performance in the static and climb mode of operation.* Most Ultralight/LSA class aircraft fit into this category.

If you have an airplane (fix-wing) that goes faster than the average Ultralight, you might want to run a smaller diameter than this list recommends. It would be best to contact us  or give us a call if you have the slightest question about this.

If you are working on a project involving a drone, hovercraft, or any application with an electric motor, please contact us or give us a call so we can discuss the most suitable prop for you.

Which Direction? The direction of spin...
Direction of rotation is always noted from the REAR of the vehicle. If you are standing behind the aircraft and getting blown by the prop wash, which direction is it turning?

Counter-clockwise is a LEFT turning prop and a clockwise is a RIGHT turning prop.

The following is a fail safe list to follow for rotation direction.


         For all TWO-STROKE engines normally used with Ultralight/LSA:
                - PUSHERS with GEAR-boxes run a RIGHT turning prop
                - PUSHERS with BELT-drives run a LEFT turning prop
                - TRACTORS with GEAR-boxes run a LEFT turning prop
                - TRACTORS with BELT-drives run a RIGHT turning prop


  The FOUR-STROKE engines (912, 912S & 914) turn opposite the two-stokes and are only available with GEAR-boxes...
                - PUSHERS run a LEFT turning prop
                - TRACTORS run a RIGHT turning prop