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Requesting a Propeller Recommendation

       Thank you for your interest in our propellers. It is our commitment to offer the Ultralight and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) communities the safest, most efficient, highest quality carbon fiber composite propellers available. We also strive to offer them at a price that is affordable for the general light sport aviator. With that in mind, we are very proud to offer our selection of multi-blade Hubs & 4-Models of ground adjustable carbon-fiber composite Propeller Blades.

       We sincerely do appreciate your understanding, that requests for propeller recommendations are more efficiently handled, and better documented via written correspondence.

       You can supply the required data for the purposess of getting a Propeller Configuration recommendation either by completing the following table or by filling in our OnLine Order Form. Either way, we will do our best to response to your request as soon as possible - once we have ALL of the necessary information. Also, as a means of building a database for your reference for your propeller projects, you may find an existing setup that has already been field tested for your application on either our Applications webpage OR our Engine web pages: Rotax, Hirth...

       And if you wouldn't mind, if you have an application that is working well for your setup, we would be very happy to post the propeller configuration that is working for you on our Application page - if you would just drop us an Email defining your prop setup - that would be great.

                                      You can use the...OnLine Form for a POWERFIN Propeller Recommendation


Call us 435-627-0942 or Email us with the following information...

Application Type 
(ex. Fix-Wing, WSC, PPC, Gyro, Hovercraft, Airboat)
Describe any unique features of your application
Application Make
Application Model
Climb Speed (in Knots)
Cruise Speed (in Knots)
Engine Make & Model
Engine HP
Engine Max RPM
Reduction Type (ex. Belt Drive, Gear Box)
Reduction Ratio (ex. 2.58, 2.62, 3.47)
Prop Position (ex. Pusher/Tractor)
Prop: Direction Of Rotation
(ex. CW RIGHT Hand/CCW LEFT Hand)
Hub Mounting Pattern
(ex. 75MM <like Rotax 582> or  4” <like Rotax 912>)
Max Prop Clearance
(ex. Largest SAFE prop diameter possible; i.e., how much blade clearance are you comfortable with?)


Finally, thanks for taking the time to inquiry into our propellers. 

And if you get-a-moment, please share with us your Powerfin experience (E-MAIL US)!

    POWERFIN Propellers manufactures Light Sport propeller applications which include UAV, LSA, Ultralight, and Experimental propellers as well as wind energy generating blades.

POWERFIN is dedicated to combining the best of good-ole-American-fashion integrity and innovation with advanced composite technologies.
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